Melanie Bishop

Thank you, kind readers.


The emails and texts and comments here on the site are such affirming evidence that we are not alone in the trenches of caring for a parent with dementia. When you’re in it, though, it feels alien and isolating. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing reactions and ways the Modern Love essay resonated with you, thereby drawing us all together in this common human experience.

For those of you who said you wanted to read more, here’s a link to an earlier essay I did on grief for Vela Magazine: “In the Form of Birds”

And hoping soon you will be able to read “Final Instructions for Princesses,” a piece of longform nonfiction about my mother. Circulating! Fingers crossed!

Thanks also to Modern Love and New York Times for bringing this essay to readers.


10 thoughts on “Thank you, kind readers.

  1. Dear Melanie,

    Thank you for your article about your Mother and you. It was moving.

  2. Makes me so happy to know your wisdom and masterful writing are making their way to so many readers. Long overdue and much deserved!

  3. Beautiful story. Looking forward to buying your book.

  4. I just read your essay in the NYT. It touched me deeply and I’ve been remembering my mom and all her quirky ways.
    Still sorting through all the little things she left behind. I often wish I could hear her voice again.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Mrs. Brown,
      Thanks so much for reading my essay and commenting here. I’m glad that it had the effect of making you remember details about your mother. Yes, the voice! I wish that too.
      Thanks again,

  5. A sweet story of life – ultimately affected by a sucky disease. Thank you Melanie for sharing bits of the journey with your mom.
    John B

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