Melanie Bishop

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  1. I have a 67000 word literary fiction manuscript that needs a grammar check. Have you got any possibility to help me with it?

    Best wishes


  2. Melanie,

    Please add me to your email list.
    I am currently working on a creative non fiction book to accompany my new website which is being updated for the first time in many years.

    In addition I have been working on
    a memoir to follow the current book

    I live in the Bay Area and would like
    to learn more about what you offer writers.


  3. Just read Melanie Bishop’s piece in the NYTimes today and it really moved me. Although my Mom is currently blessed with strong mental health, the article rings true for me in so many ways. Love the parts about being “hammered by misfortune” and releasing all that tension. We just budgeted for about 18 years forward and I know that if we don’t get that much time, I too will be sitting in that seat, wishing. Bravo Melanie, can’t wait To read more of your work.

    • Dear Hilary,
      Wow. I just love getting these notes from readers. It means so much to me. This sentence: “We just budgeted for about 18 years forward and I know that if we don’t get that much time, I too will be sitting in that seat, wishing.” Beautiful. I hope you get those 18 years and then some. Thanks so very much for taking the time to write me.

  4. Melanie, I’ve never written fan mail to a writer before but today I must! Your essay in the NYTs about your mother and your shared Honda was just so beautiful and moving. It took me straight back to the final months of caring for my mother before her death, and the ache of missing her afterward. Thank you for taking me there!

    • Dear Robert,
      Well, I’m honored to be the lucky first writer you’ve written to. Seriously. It means so much to me that this essay is resonating with so many readers and that they are taking the time to write me such kind notes. That “ache of missing”; a universal human experience, but one that feels so lonely and isolating when we’re immersed in it. It’s heartening to hear how many people know these feelings. THANK YOU for writing to me.

  5. Melanie, I too was deeply touched by your NYT article and was moved over thinking about caring for my mother who died 10 years ago. It was a labor of love and I would do it again in a heart beat. I also still have my mom’s 2002 Ford Explorer and am caring for her beautiful farm and farm house in Miss. – trying to find ways to make is sustainable for future generations. I have served on Rosalynn Carter’s Caregiver Board of Directors for 17 years. They offer several national training programs to help better care for love ones and training to care for the caregivers. Thank you again for this thoughtful article.

    • Dear Ellen Hartman,
      Thank you so very much for reading my essay and commenting on it here. I love the detail of your mom’s old car and your attempt to keep her farm and farmhouse alive. Where in Mississippi? I grew up in New Orleans and my best friend’s family had a country house near Liberty, MS. I also have family in Ocean Springs and friends in Pass Christian. I didn’t know about Rosalynn Carter’s organization. I will go check it out now. Thanks again.

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