Melanie Bishop

Lexi Services

lexi biz card image

Lexi  Services include:

  • Individual classes in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Memoir and Screenwriting
  • Coaching (Guidance, Instruction, Discipline and Inspiration)
  • Editing/Manuscript Consulting/Book Doctor work
  • Mentored retreats
  • Proofreading
  • Anything  else you might need in the way of help with language or writing–creating content, getting started with your book project, seeing it through to completion.

RATES: $100/hour

Former students from Prescott College receive a 25% discount.

I’ve had many things published over the years, mostly non-fiction and have always enjoyed the process of being edited for the simple reason that it almost always improves the piece.  In this case, a much longer work than I’ve ever had edited, the process was that much more enjoyable, as it confirmed the general quality of what I’ve crafted and has set me intelligently on to the next step and level of preparing this thing for (hopeful) publication. –Rabbi Phil Cohen, Hendersonville, NC

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