Melanie Bishop

Lexi Services

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Lexi  Services include:

  • Individual classes in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Memoir and Screenwriting
  • Coaching (Guidance, Instruction, Discipline and Inspiration)
  • Editing/Manuscript Consulting/Book Doctor work
  • Mentored retreats
  • Proofreading
  • Anything  else you might need in the way of help with language or writing–creating content, getting started with your book project, seeing it through to completion.

RATES: $100/hour

Former students from Prescott College receive a 20% discount.

My week-long bespoke screenwriting retreat in Prescott was nothing short of transformational. With very little writing experience, and only the nugget of an idea, I travelled 7800 miles from Sydney, Australia, to this quaint little Western town, in the hope of finding a little guidance and a lot of inspiration. And I did. In spades.

Pia-Chaudhuri-creative-director-One-Green-Bean-cropped  –Pia Chaudhuri


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