Melanie Bishop

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My So-Called Ruined Life


Happy to get this kind review today from Publishers Weekly.
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The first book in Bishop’s Tate McCoy series will have readers eager to hear more from her pragmatic, sarcastic, yet sweet 16-year-old heroine. Tate always found it hard to be close to her drinking, cheating mother, Carla. They barely spoke for two years, but just as Carla was turning her life around, she was grotesquely murdered, her ex-husband (Tate’s father) was accused, and Tate’s life began to resemble the Dateline episodes she watches. One year later as the trial drags on, Tate has had her fill of pity and rejection. Despite her agonizing circumstances, Tate is determined to enjoy summer with her quirky best friend Kale, so she sets goals that include learning to swim, volunteering, becoming a vegan, and avoiding romantic relationships for six months. But Tate’s cute swim teacher and some unexpected legal and family developments threaten the buoyancy she’s trying hard to maintain. Tate’s ability to compartmentalize her fears and emotions, her attempts to preserve her optimism through small gestures, and the tension and mystery surrounding the crime make Bishop’s debut an introspective page-turner. Ages 11–up. (Jan.)


Reviewed on: 12/02/2013
Release date: 01/01/2014