Melanie Bishop

MY SO-CALLED RUINED LIFE: Captures The Uniqueness of Austin

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Gratitude to Isaiah of BookPeople’s Teen Press Corp for this very kind review.

BookPeople Teen Press Corps

my so called ruined life

Title: My So Called Ruined Life
Author: Melanie Bishop
Release Date: 01/1/2014

Reviewed by: Isaiah

Melanie Bishop has crafted a wonderful leading lady in Tate McCoy. A strong and witty teenager, Tate McCoy isn’t going to let everyone be right. The murder of her estranged, alcoholic mother and the trial of her loving father isn’t going to break her and ruin her summer (and life). With the help of her vegan best friend, Kale, and the dreamy lifeguard/reporter extraordinaire Sawyer, Tate learns how to come to terms with the issues of the previous year. While the book is a coming-of-age story, it is also a mystery. The murder of Tate’s mother is still unsolved and while everyone may be trying to pin it on her father, Tate won’t believe it. The mystery aspect, while not central, definitely didn’t feel like a last minute tack-on to the main storyline and…

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