Melanie Bishop

3 thoughts on “My So-Called Ruined Life at Book People in Austin!

  1. been meaning to thank you, for years, for your personal comments on a story i submitted to aj, it’s on my bulletin board before me now, your ‘things i loved about your story’ … can’t thank you enough for the inspiring words!
    i’ve just ordered your novel, my so-called ruined life, and can’t wait to get it
    all best, and hoping your story collection finds a home soon! (i’ve submitted numerous times to the same journals!)
    very best, gregg

    • Dear Gregg,
      Wow, what a nice blast from the past. Your name is totally familiar to me. What was the title of that story of yours that I loved? I’m glad my note to you about what I loved provided necessary inspiration to keep at it. We all need that boost now and then. Very kind of you to buy my book. I hope you enjoy it.
      All the best,
      Melanie B

    • Just went through my collection of Alligator Junipers and found your story. “Diagramming Wyatt”, of course! Prizewinner in Fiction, 2003. Wow. Congrats again. 11 years ago! So glad to have helped some of your work see print!

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