Melanie Bishop

14 thoughts on “Modern Love, New York Times

  1. Loved your article in Modern Love. My mother had an old 1988 Buick she adored. Put her little Yorkie in the back seat and off they’d go. Reminded me so much of her. Great story. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Just read your beautiful piece “I Would Have Driven Her Anywere” in the NY Times. The outing you described was like many I had with my Mom, and it brought back sweet memories. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful writing ! Loved this and could so relate. And yes, I will drive him anywhere 🙂

  4. Good Morning! I just read your moving essay in The Times. wow and ow!
    What a literary ride. Your economical style delighted me.
    What a shame they hadn’t enabled the reader comments because amid the confessions and tears, a lovely portrait of our collective humanity would have emerged. Thank You!

    • Thank you, Ramak! That “lovely portrait of our collective humanity” is emerging in the comments here and all the emails arriving in my inbox. So many beautiful stories about cars and parents and dementia and caregiving. How hard it is and how we’d give almost anything for a chance to do it again.

  5. Thank you for your lovely piece about your mother. It was very touching. My mother passed away last month so I am still navigating the waves of emotions. Your story, for me, was uplifting. Thank you.

  6. From 2008-2011, I flew to Saint Louis and visited a few times a year with my mother in a nursing home. Her dementia was already pretty bad by 2008. I also loved the little excursions my mother and I took. I too would not have let go of the Honda Accord so easily. I am middle-aged and rarely cry about anything. But your piece brought it all back. I have been all teared up for the last 10 minutes. My mother was a free lance writer, and I think she would have enjoyed your piece, Melanie. Brava, to you, your mother, and my mother.

    • Thank you so much for this sweet comment. This mother loss is one of the most agonizing. It took me so many years to even be able to write about my mom. I miss her terribly and I resonate with your morning cry. Thanks again.

  7. I loved your story. Such resonance with many parts. My family was estranged from each other but my sisters and I came back together to care for my mother in her dementia decline. For me, I got to love this distant person and heal my soul about the other part, a sort of two-fer.
    Her whole house was like your mother’s car—40 years of living in it. I could sit in any chair, or in her ancient Subaru, and feel the decades of memories. I too would have driven her anywhere. Thank you.

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